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Travel Tips

As evaluators, we believe there is an opportunity to share objective, as well as subjective, feedback on all aspects of life. One of life's aspects that seems to continually elude the more "useful" feedback relates to travel. Through this website, we explore the specific evidence of what we've seen, experienced, and received from others, to give an elevated guide to aid in the travel plans of others. 

Please feel free to peruse our pages, and add your comments... Happy Travels!

Traveling by Air

Tips and Tricks for selecting, purchasing, and traveling by air.

Locations - U.S.

Places to go within the United States. Visiting cities for educational or historic reasons, or just to have fun.


Are you traveling with a tent, or an RV? Some ideas to consider...

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Traveling the Seas

Whether on a destination cruise, river cruise, or trans-ocean cruise, there are many things to consider.

Global Locations

There are many destinations and "shore-excursions" when traveling.

Common Fears and Misconceptions

Don't go traveling without managing certain fears and preconceived misconceptions.

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